Avoid These Common Post-Auto Accident Mistakes

Car Accident

When you have been involved in an auto accident, you will not be thinking clearly. Aside from the emotional trauma, you will have serious injuries, mounting medical bills, and the possibility of a long absence from work. Unfortunately, due to these situations that result from the accident, many people make mistakes that cost them the full compensation they need and deserve in order to get their lives back to normal. To make sure you don’t lose out on your chance to gain financial compensation for your injuries, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Failing to Call Police
Since many people think calling the police will make a bad situation worse, they often choose to not summon police to the scene. But in doing so, they are making a huge mistake. When police arrive at an accident scene, they perform many tasks that may help you legally if you choose to pursue a lawsuit. Some of these tasks include:
–Taking photographs of accident scene
–Speaking with witnesses
–Obtaining contact information from witnesses and other driver
–Preparing a crash report
In addition, if police determine the other driver was at fault and issue them a traffic ticket, your auto accident lawyer can use this to begin building your case. However, if you choose to not call police to the scene, a jury or insurance company may assume you had something to hide, or perhaps that the accident was not as serious as you stated.

Not Seeking Medical Treatment
Just as it’s important to call police to the accident scene, it’s equally as important you seek medical treatment as soon as possible after the accident. By doing so, you can have your injuries documented in your medical records, which can be a huge factor when attempting to settle with insurance companies or win a lawsuit. If you don’t get medical treatment immediately, not only are you putting your health at risk, but it will also make juries and insurance companies think you may be faking injuries simply to get a large sum of money.

Admitting Fault
Perhaps the most common mistake auto accident victims make in these situations, admitting fault or even apologizing in the simplest fashion can actually be used against you. While it may sound rude to not apologize to the other driver, from a legal standpoint it’s the smartest thing you can do. In many cases that go to trial, the defendant is allowed to tell the court things you may have said at the scene, so be very wary of what you do and say at the scene.

Contact an Attorney
Rather than make mistakes that can cost you the full and fair compensation needed to help you and your family, contact an experienced auto accident lawyer immediately after your accident to discuss your legal options. By taking advantage of a free consultation, you will be able to learn if you should pursue legal action, and also make sure your rights are protected each step of the way.